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Kali Majapahit Indonesia

Official Team

Group Leader: Wulung Damardoto
Apprentice Instructors:
Andrew Suleiman (Adults)
Akbar Maruf (Adults/Kids)
Novita Dwiariani (Kids)

Kali Majapahit Official

Black Belts List

7th degree Black Belt / Founder: Punong Guro Fred Evrard
5th degree Black Belt / Co-founder: Guro Lila Evrard
3rd degree Black Belts:
Katulong Guro Guillaume Foucaud – KM Singapore
Katulong Guro Vincent Dizon – KM Singapore
Katulong Guro John Honeyman – KM Japan
2nd degree Black Belts:
Madunong Guro Ben Boeglin – KM Singapore
Madunong Guro Robin Ho – KM Singapore
Madunong Guro Chris Vidal – KM Singapore
Madunong Guro Nida Bouzid – KM Singapore
Madunong Guro Jeremy Lair – KM Annecy
Madunong Guro David Munoz – KM Finland
Madunong Guro Marta Jindra – KM Wisconsin

1st degree Black Belts:
Kadua Guro Rose Canda – KM Singapore
Kadua Guro Laurent Rossier – KM Singapore
Kadua Guro Jim Storrs – KM Singapore
Kadua Guro Bernard Millet – KM Singapore
Kadua Guro Duncan Klein – KM Singapore
Kadua Guro Monty Moncavage – KM Singapore
Kadua Guro Michael Ocampo – KM Singapore
Kadua Guro Antoine Fillet – KM Singapore
Kadua Guro Keith Nielsen – KM Singapore
Kadua Guro Mervin Beins – KM Singapore
Kadua Guro Phil Gagnon – KM Japan
Kadua Guro Jeremy Howard – KM Japan
Kadua Guro Frank Song – KM Japan
Kadua Guro Will Foley – KM Japan
Kadua Guro Bruce Crawford – KM Japan
Kadua Guro Joe Ashizawa – KM Japan
Kadua Guro Paul Carroll – KM Australia
Kadua Guro Michael Samuels – KM New Zealand
Kadua Guro Ben Samuels – KM New Zealand
Kadua Guro Marc Hartmann – KM Germany
Kadua Guro Jan Damgaard Sorensen – KM Netherlands
Kadua Guro David Crebassa – KM Philippines
Kadua Guro Mark Gedamke – KM Wisconsin
Kadua Guro Jason Raddatz – KM Wisconsin

Kali Majapahit martial arts is the leading academy for those looking for efficient martial arts as well as a way to shape the body and sharpen the mind. We empower people to build the body and elevate the mind, one black belt at a time.

Open Hours

Sasana Kali Majapahit - Central Jakarta 
Wisma Penta, Lt. 2 Jl. Kebon Sirih No. 65, Menteng, Jakarta 10340

Adults Classes:
Tue & Thurs : 19.00 - 21.00 WIB

Kids Classes:
Thursday : 18.30 - 19.30 WIB

Contacts Us

18 Office Park 10th,
Jl. TB Simatupang No. 18
Jakarta Selatan 12520
Whatsapp: (+62) 878 8397 5286