Failure Is Such A Powerful Tool

I strongly believe in the benefits of failure. As much as it can be painful and frustrating, it always comes with a lesson (usually thrown at our face), it keeps us hungry, it triggers creativity, it allows us to reach bolder goals. It makes us better.

Of course, success is a journey that we ultimately seek as it brings growth, motivation and satisfaction. We need to acknowledge that success should be the goal as much as failure should be part of the journey.

We have made MANY mistakes in building what Kali Majapahit is today. I always say that whatever we’re doing well today is the result of a mistake we made yesterday. The mistakes we made at the start still make me cringe and yet I know they are the wisdom behind every good decision we make today. We have gone through so many mistakes that today the majority of what we do is the result of a thinking process that emerged from our errors.

We try to shield our kids from failure but by doing so, we create an unrealistic expectation that they will never have to face it. We train ourselves for success and yet we forget to be ready for failure. Isn’t it like not having hospitals because we don’t want accidents to happen?

Try, experience, fail, fall and get up stronger. Enjoy the process and learn to feel (and appreciate) the positive mechanisms that failure triggers.

See you all on the mats!

Ben Boeglin

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